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Company: Z - Wovens

Contact Information

Chip Finneran

VP of Sales

312 South Hamilton Street

Suite 101

High Point North Carolina 27260

Phone: 336-210-2630

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Product Description

“Performance made beautiful” — the common thread between Sunbelievable and Z-Wovens; two companies committed to exceeding industry standards for beauty and practicality. Fiber blends, construction, performance features, indoor and outdoor applications--all these factors distinguish Sunbelievable’s gorgeous fabric collections from the competition and influence not only what we create, but how we create it. We developed our own proprietary version of solution-dyed Acrylic with a unique construction that actually enables more flexibility and detail in designing our beautiful patterns. We humbly rank our collections among the finest in the world. Creating fabrics “from the fiber up” also allows us to literally produce our own colors by custom blending fibers. With our technical ability to also develop novelty yarns with boucle and chenille, we’re able to target markets that appreciate beauty, durability AND VALUE. Behind every luxurious Z-Wovens fabric, or more precisely INSIDE every fabric, at its very core, is the design and performance innovation that makes it special. NeverFear®, our proprietary finish is a prime example. NeverFear offers two-level stain protection that enables retail customers to be fearless of stains-- even if those stains go unnoticed and seep into the fabric. The NeverFear finish is offered on all Z-Wovens fabrics. Of course, performance and innovation don’t drive sales by themselves. Sunbelievable and Z-Wovens customers continue to underscore the importance of a fabric’s luxurious look and soft feel. Strong manufacturing teams adds tremendous capacity to efficiently produce and fulfill orders. Customers are always welcome to visit us--to see firsthand the many advantages our facilities offer.

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HFRC 1st Floor


Chip Finneran

VP of Sales

Lisa Kakassy


Kristi Barrett

West Coast

TJ Finneran


Penny Eudy

Director of Retail Sales

Wiliam G. (Bill) Davis