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UTP America

Jacquard weavers since 1942, fully integrated and exporting to USA, Canada, and Central & South America

Showroom info: MST-503

Fabric, Designer Friendly

Valdese Weavers

Valdese Weavers, a 100% employee-owned ESOP company, is the leading designer and manufacturer of decorative textiles in the United States for use in residential a...

Showroom info: 311 N. Hamilton, 3rd Floor

Contract Fabrics, Outdoor, Cut Yardage, Fabric, Eco Friendly, Performance

Vision Fabrics

Vision Fabrics is a comprehensive fabric converter, offering innovative fabric solutions. A business model driven by the Vision Fabrics mission to better serve ou...

Showroom info: MSTT 9th Floor

Designer Friendly, Fabric, Leather, Outdoor, Eco Friendly, Window Hardware, Contract Fabrics, Other

Westwood Weavers

Westwood Weavers produces a wide range of woven fabrics for the residential and commercial upholstery manufacturer.

Showroom info: MSTT 8th Floor

Fabric, Designer Friendly

Yarn & Loom

Single mill resource of highly decorative fashion indoor residential upholstery and multi-purpose fabrics woven in a variety of Linen, Cotton, Polyester, Hemp, Ac...

Showroom info: MSTT 3rd Floor


Z - Wovens

“Performance made beautiful” — the common thread between Sunbelievable and Z-Wovens; two companies committed to exceeding industry standards for beauty and practi...

Showroom info: HFRC 1st Floor