Ultrasuede® by Toray International America, Inc.


Helen Brier

Sales & Marketing Manager

461 Fifth Avenue

9th Floor

New York NY 10017

Phone: 212-922-3774


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Leslie Newby



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Ultrasuede® is the trademark for the luxury high-performance fabric created and manufactured by Japan-based Toray Industries. The unique, non-woven construction gives the material its inherent benefits of durability, cleanability, breathability and color-fastness. Its structure is comparable to genuine leather. Toray is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and to reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Ultrasuede® is made with partially plant-based polyester, and with continued investment in R&D, the goal is to reach 100 percent plant-based material in the near future. The brand enjoys a 48 percent name recognition rate to the consumer, with applications for a large variety of business segments, including furnishings, fashion, consumer electronics, and automotive interiors.

Area of Business

Fabric, Performance, Eco Friendly, Contract Fabrics, To the Trade / Designer Friendly, Cut Yardage

Type of Products

Faux Leathers

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