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Company: Equus Fabrics *NEW*

Contact Information

Michele Martin

Lead Designer

190 Millway Ave

Unit 2

Concord Ontario L4K 3W4

Phone: 866-497-2550

Additional Contact Information:

Ben O'Shea

Type of Product(s)

Product Description

Equus Fabrics is proud to introduce a collaboration with Michele Martin Studio. Established in 2016, Michèle Martin Studio is a Canadian-based design studio dedicated to fun, funky and fresh fabric design. We believe in exploring bold patterns and never shy away from the use of colour. The owner, Michèle Martin AKA "Firecracker", has been playing with fabrics since she was young and in a previous life (as in a few years ago, not as in a Shirley MacLaine way) was head of upholstery merchandising for two prominent U.S./Canadian manufacturers. Michèle Martin Studio also heads a secondary fabric line called Kiki & LaLa Design Co.

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SMS T-720